Accommodation Adrspach, Teplice, Broumov

Księga Gości

"I would like to thank in this way to doctor Kozderka for a very pleasurable week spent at his cottage and recommend it to everybody." Luboš Horyna

"We've spent in the cottage the long weekend in the middle of November. We couldn't wish for a better celebration of our marriage anniversary. The weather was generous, we made all the trips we had planned for and liked to return to the cottage. We thank to the Kozderka family for their generosity. We would like to return to the cottage with kids. A romantic place, a beautiful view. Thank you once again, Jirasek family from Policka."

"Me and my wife, we've spent a week in the cottage and it was wonderful. We will show up again in Adrspach for sure. It was a vacation filled with adventures. And the view from the sundeck was simply amazing." Peter Burghardt

"Good morning, thank you once again for the cozy accommodation. We've reached Prague well, with a short pause in the car-repair shop, they changed the speed indicator and our little car worked very well afterwards. Take care, good bye." Lenka Sedláèková a Marián Kmoníèek

"We recommend to everybody, the accommodation is comfortable, prices great, the rocks gorgeous. It was one of the best holidays in the past two years. We will come the next year again for sure." Machkovi

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